I was looking for an easy way to manage Firebase Auth the way others providers are managed with grant-koa on Strapi, using users-permissions without the need to alter it (and avoid the creation of a parallel user type & permissions).

The address bar of the browser has a very important role. Apart from allowing to enter a URL, it helps with the domain name and the SSL certificate to make sure on which website you are. When a security flaw hits the address bar, it’s considered a critical vulnerability.

Anyone who can spoof a website URL can conduct a very effective phishing attack and steal login credentials or credit card information.


With Gridsome you can fetch data from external APIs or local files and store it in a local database. Then with GraphQL you can query, filter this data and use it in your components.

I’m gonna give you an example with a local JSON file:

It’s pretty similar to the way you load data from external APIs, except you don’t need to use Axios or to do any HTTP request. Instead, you just load your JSON file on Gridsome build and put the data in a contentType object.

Once your contentType is populated, you can easily query it through GraphQL in any vue component.

And what if you want to filter your posts in a specific way? Just add a filter argument to your query:

That’s all, it’s pretty simple but powerful!

Vous connaissez certainement les failles de type “XSS” qui permettent entre autre de lancer du code JavaScript malveillant depuis le navigateur d’une cible avec tous ses droits de session en cours. Etant la faille la plus répandue sur le web , Chrome possède une protection visant à bloquer les scripts…

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